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Reimagining the Supply chain landscape through Location Intelligence

27 May 2021 | 8AM PDT/ 4PM BST Online


With the new way of life and changing norms during and post pandemic, businesses and companies are striving to improve their operational efficiencies to provide customer satisfaction. With COVID-19’s immediate impact on the supply chain and logistics industry, companies are now trying to ‘redefine’ the management of the entire supply chain model. In today’s digital era, it is imperative for companies to reimagine the relationships with suppliers to promote partnerships as opposed to traditional supply relationships and give rise to innovation. It is crucial to understand the requirements from first mile to the last mile deliveries in a supply chain model. Within this context, digital technologies such as location intelligence (LI), AI, IoT, blockchain and machine learning is being used to promote visibility, tracking, and forecasting of the products. Thus, LI becoming an integral part of business across the supply chain and logistics is no exception.


Time (PDT) Agenda

0800 - 0815

Keynote: Redefining supply chain and logistics industry through LI

0815 - 0900

Session 1: Way forward towards cognitive supply chain and logistics

  • Integration of AI, ML and Big Data with LI
  • Cognitive approach to meet the changing consumer demand and dynamic business environment
  • Geo-referencing for digitalized logistics, security and tracking


Kaushik Yathindra

Global Digital Manager, Ecolab

Samuel Van De Velde

CEO, Pozyx.io

0900 - 0945

Session 2: Leveraging LI and 5G for 3rd party logistics (3PL): First mile to Last mile

  • Fleet management for safe, efficient and timely delivery of the goods
  • Electronic proof of delivery and geo-stamps
  • Seamless transition of 5G connectivity from the warehouse to the logistic services
  • Location tracking, route optimization, predictive maintenance and asset performance and management

0945 - 1030

Session 3: Upswing of e-commerce during the pandemic

  • Reverse logistics for exchange and return of goods
  • Integrating location intelligence with customer experience analytics
  • LI+AI use cases: Array of ways to augment e-commerce business with technology


Ondřej Tomas

CEO & Co-founder, Clevermaps

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Sr. Research Analyst
Location Intelligence

Pulkit Chaudhary

Industry Manager
Location Intelligence