Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Incubation: Hackathon

Dedicated hackathon focusing on technology innovations and entrepreneurial incubation will be organized. Technology innovations in the field of AI, Big Data, IoT, etc. have been revolutionizing digital world and 'Location Intelligence' is further consumerising BT at a large scale. This technology revolution has led to creation of a larger start-up community network, encouraging youngsters to unleash the power to leverage existing resources in the economy wherein location data is playing a pivotal role. Hackathon will bring together dedicated groups building innovative solutions towards sustainable society exploring solutions to pressing issues.

Demo Zone & start-up PITCH

Location World will organize a Pitch for startups and investors and it will demonstrate technology innovations with creative solutions. The house will be then open for the public to award the best pitch of the day that will truly be a game changer via real-time poll process.

Community Engagement and Interactive Discussions

Location World will provide an opportunity to several groups through:

  • Encouragement and facilitation to organize board meetings for stakeholders. A series of round table meetings will be organized to discuss various important topics.
  • Interesting and meaningful fireside conversation will be brought into limelight following a unique setup of bringing multiple stakeholders like thought leaders, decision makers, leading startup, and enterprises on one platform.
  • Light conversations: to motivate audience, we will organize interesting blend of light open house conversations like motivational talks or inviting an exceptional leader setting stage for a meaningful address on a societal issue, specially related to the audience
  • Participating sessions: parallel to the panel discussions, conversations, we would have interesting participating sessions like small multiple workshops spearheaded by subject matter experts involving maximum interactions with takeaways of meaningful actions